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Get thousands more quality website visitors with Instant Booster



Review: Instant Booster

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Instant Booster

Get Thousands more Website Visitors with Instant Booster
September 9th, 2006

"Instant Booster is a really cool new software that really delivers highly-targeted traffic to your doorstep"

What if you could ...
--Instantly boost your website's traffic
--Instantly boost your sales
--Instantly boost your income

Good News - Now you can, with the groundbreaking Instant Booster!

How Important Are Visitors To Your Website?

Websites need traffic. The old philosophy of “build it and they will come” simply doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. The result is that without one or more forms of effective traffic generation your website will be left desolate with no visitors and no income potential. Many webmasters swear by long-winded SEO campaigns, some still live by the often ineffective banner advertisements, and many die by the loss of ineffective pay-per-click campaigns.

What if you had the power of automated software that could literally deliver thousands of hits every single day? Imagine the potential.

Instant Booster Delivers On Its Promises

You’re probably thinking you’ve seen offers like these before, but you’d be wrong. There are certainly websites and services that offer the same results but they either fail to achieve it or send untargeted leads that aren’t interested in looking at your site, your product, or your service.

Instant Booster is very different indeed. Not only will your new website traffic be visiting you from the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN but they are looking for exactly what you have to offer.

Targeted Traffic

Targeted visitors are those that are looking for the service or product that you offer. They are statistically much more likely to buy from you and to part with their money. These people have generally used the search engines to find information or resources based on one topic and in many cases they have probably drawn a blank. Because they’re searching for a specific product or a specific topic it means that they are already predisposed to purchase from you, click links on your website, or visit your affiliate programs and spend money. Whatever it is you want them to do, targeted visitors are much more likely to do it.

General Traffic

General, or untargeted, visitors have usually signed up for autosurf or pay to surf programs. In exchange for “viewing” your website for a relatively small amount of time they receive cash, points, or visitors to their own site. These visitors look at tens or even hundreds of these sites every day and it is common for them to leave an Internet browser running while they do something else. This means they aren’t even exposed to your website never mind likely to buy from it. Untargeted traffic produces a very low conversion rate because of this.

Instant Booster Traffic

Instant booster traffic is targeted traffic. The visitors you receive really have been looking for the information you can provide.

This means that you receive targeted visitors that are ready to put their hands in their wallet and buy virtually anything you are offering. Imagine the potential profit you could be making if you had 1,000s of these visitors coming to your site every day. More importantly, imagine the potential profit you’re missing out on by not receiving those visitors.

The Hard Work Methods Of Driving Traffic To Your Site

Search engine optimization provides a valid way for webmasters to drive targeted traffic from the major search engines to their sites. The problem is that not only does an SEO campaign initially take a long time to have any effect but it must also be completed, maintained, and optimized on a regular basis. It is far too easy to become so embroiled in the SEO of a website that you lose focus of the actual goal – making money. For the first weeks, months, or even years of an SEO campaign it is possible that you will receive very little traffic from search engines. Could your business or website survive this long with no potential income? Exactly.

The Low Maintenance Methods Of Driving Traffic To Your Site

Usually, these methods prove either ineffective or costly especially to the inexperienced webmaster or marketer. By paying for some methods you can assure yourself of getting traffic immediately but ongoing payments are generally required in order to keep that same level of traffic. Finding the right balance between expenditure and income is difficult and only trial and error will succeed. The problem with trial and error, of course, is the error. In this case, the errors tend to prove costly and, in some cases, financially crippling.

The Instant Booster Method Of Driving Traffic To Your Site

We’ve already looked at how low maintenance methods tend to cost too much or produce ineffective results. We said usually because Instant Booster breaks the mould. As well as requiring only very minimal input on your behalf, the one time payment is extremely affordable. For less than $100 (currently on offer at less than $50) you could complete the initial fifteen minute set up and then sit back and watch while your website starts receiving thousands of daily hits. Instant Booster generates traffic that is both targeted and free. You will never have to pay to receive these visitors once you have the Instant Booster software.

Generating Links

Links are the currency of the Internet. Webmasters buy, sell, trade, and exchange links on a frighteningly frequent basis. In a lot of cases it is difficult for websites to gain any inbound links, especially the new websites, because bigger sites simply aren’t interested in a link exchange. Instant Booster will help you generate thousands of links. In fact, Instant Booster will do it all for you. The entire program is automatic and once you complete the set-up you really can sit back and watch the money roll in.

How Popular Does Your Site Look?

Search engines love to see sites that have masses of inbound links. They believe this to be a sign of popularity and believe that popularity is borne through having top quality content on the pages of your website. Sites that have a lot of inbound links are usually the ones you see at the top of search engine result pages. This is just another way that Instant Booster can help you to boost your traffic.

One Highly Successful Source Of Genuine Traffic

A lot of marketers discuss the benefits of using a variety of traffic generating techniques. The belief is that if one source of traffic dries up then at least you have ten, twenty, or more sources of quality traffic coming in to your site. Do you really want the hassle of managing all of these traffic sources if there is a single source that can do the job even more effectively? This traffic will not dry up and your instant popularity will be a long-term benefit.

Your Keywords

Instant Booster is the perfect accompaniment to any website that needs traffic, and which websites don’t need traffic? Keyword targeting is a big part of many Internet marketing techniques especially SEO and PPC. Doubtless you already know the keywords you are targeting. Maybe you’ve tried handfuls of different methods to generate traffic, maybe you’ve tried hundreds, or maybe you haven’t tried any. Instant Booster will generate traffic that is specifically geared toward the keywords that are relevant to your site.

Instant Booster Bonuses

Currently, if you order Instant Booster you not only receive this incredible automated software but several highly beneficial free bonuses as well.

Advertisement Submitter

Free membership to submit-it-easy enables you to post your advertisement to more than 5 million websites with just a few clicks of your mouse button. This membership is usually priced at $39.95 but if you buy the Instant Booster software now you receive it for free. Even niche content topic websites can generate tens of thousands of visitors by advertising with this many websites.

Ezine Submitter

You also receive free membership to ezine broadcast. This broadcasts your ezine publication to 1 million recipients every single week. An Ezine can be used to further promote your website or to directly sell your products. Either way a million potential customers is a lot to miss out on so act quick to take advantage.

Full Money Back Guarantee

Instant Booster is so confident that their software will work that they offer a full money back guarantee meaning no risk and nothing hidden. This money back guarantee means that if your website doesn’t receive an increased number of hits, sales, and profit as a result of using the automated Instant Booster software then you will receive every cent of your money back. You really can try it without risking a thing.

Easy To Use – Three Steps To Traffic

Instant Booster is incredibly simple to use and involves just three steps from beginning to automated. Enter your URL, select your chosen keywords, and watch Instant Booster do what it does best; bring in thousands of visitors every single day for free. These visitors are diverted from thousands of websites and through major search engines including the big 3.

Google is certainly the biggest and most popular of all search engines. Not even Yahoo or MSN can come close in comparison to the sheer number of visitors and searches that Google receives every single day. However, that doesn’t mean that the other search engines like Yahoo and MSN as well as other large traffic sites don’t provide excellent value to your website traffic building tactics.

Instant Booster Flexibility

What you are selling or promoting really doesn’t matter. Whether you are directly selling products, acting as an affiliate or even just running adverts on your site, Instant Booster will work for you. It will generate hundreds, or probably thousands of visitors, it will increase your sales or click levels, and it will certainly increase your profits. You would imagine for this kind of return that you would have to shell out a lot of money but that isn’t the case either. The subscription fee for Instant Booster (which includes the bonuses detailed above) is currently a one off charge of $50 ($100 when full price) with no recurring charges, and no hidden charges.

Instant Booster Lets You Concentrate On Running Your Business

Because Instant Booster it also offers further economical advantage. You require a lot less time to market your site and that means you have more time to concentrate on the core aspects of your business. Small businesses, as well as some major businesses, are often forced to concentrate more time than they feel they should to marketing a website. Often, the alternative is to employ an Internet marketing professional. Even outsourcing this kind of project can cost a lot of money for results that are nowhere near as quick as those of an Instant Booster membership.

No Experience Or Knowledge Necessary, Just A Website

Another important factor to note is that you do not need any experience or technical knowledge of the Internet or scripting. The software is stand-alone software and, as such, this means that it will run from your desktop with no hassle and no problems. Even if you are new to the entire Internet marketing world, or even the entire Internet, an Instant Booster package is the right choice for you, your website, your business, and your wallet.

Instant Access Via Electronic Payment And Download

Access to the software is as quick and easy as the software is intuitive. Payment can be made through any one of various alternatives and because this is the Internet generation we live in, delivery of your membership to Instant Booster and the bonuses is immediate. Regardless of the time you could pay for the software now, receive it immediately, and be receiving an instant boost to your website traffic in just a couple of hours.

Thousands of people are already taking advantage of Instant Booster in order to increase the number of website visitors they are able to receive. These people are not only seeing a marked and immediate increase in their traffic but also in sales and income. Would you rather be in a position where you struggle to fulfil all your orders as a pose to a situation where you don’t have enough orders to fill your time? The increase in traffic, and subsequent increase in sales means you could feasibly raise the price of your product or your service, effectively keeping your administration time to a constant level while increasing your profits substantially.

Why Instant Booster Is Better Than The Rest

Some traffic generation schemes rely on what are essentially poor techniques. Pay to surf, pay to read, and similar techniques simply do not work to any worthwhile extent. They will undoubtedly increase your page view (certainly in the case of pay to surf) but will not make a dent on any other factor. Pay to surf programs are set up merely so users can benefit from having a website displayed on their browser. The browser itself contains a frame at the top of the page with a counter and a few buttons. Once the counter reaches zero, the user gets paid and is able to click next to move on and earn more money. Add one to the number of page views but 15, 20, or 30 seconds is unlikely to persuade someone who has essentially been forced on to your site to purchase.

No More Ongoing Payments

Other services promise fantastic results and charge an amount that is based either on the number of visitors you receive or the number of times your advert is viewed. More often than not these services use expired domain traffic that can prove useful but is usually not targeted to your keywords. Other methods include banner advertising, usually only effective for certain websites and charged per banner impression, and bulk unsolicited email. Not only is this last method unlikely to give good results it can quickly see your website completely removed from the search engine indexes. Spam simply isn’t tolerated and ignorance is not an excuse.

If you are looking for genuine traffic to your site that is geared towards the same topic as your business or your page content then Instant Booster can provide those results. If you are looking for masses of traffic without having to pay the earth and without having to pay a regular, ongoing subscription then Instant Booster will give you the results.

It doesn’t matter whether you offer your own service or product, whether you have an affiliate site making money from your affiliate sales, or even if have an Adsense site that makes money from Adsense and other pay per click advertisements

... Your website is bound to benefit from having an instant boost of qualified, targeted traffic.

Don’t forget that Instant Booster offers a full money back guarantee if your traffic, sales, and profit don’t increase as a result of using the software and the two bonus subscriptions. What’s stopping you from giving it a try?

Yes, I want to Sign up for Instant Booster and finally start getting the quality traffic I need!

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